Timber Floorboards

Timber Floorboards

We stock Pine, Oak and Elm floorboards.  Where possible complete reclaimed floors are kept together in a batch so they can be reused as a complete, consistent floor again.

Pine floorboards are typically sold de-nailed but unfinished.  Our Oak and Elm boards are treated with an insecticide and mould inhibitor then waxed and polished so that they are ready to lay.

We also have some Oak and Elm tree slices that can be used as table tops, bars or bed heads........

We also stock new kiln dried Oak boards.  These are either straight edged or tongue and grooved. As they are in the raw they can be stained, waxed and finished to suit your decor.

Please note new boards absorb and release moisture and therefore swell and shrink.  We recommend that new boards acclimatise in the room they are to be laid in for at least 6 weeks before fitting.  Care will need to be taken for a further 12 months to limit quick temperature and moisture movements.

Reclaimed boards are unlikely to move unless subjected to extreme temperature or moisture movements.