Cotswold Stone Roof Slate

Cotswold Stone Roof Slate

This is our specialism.  We take weather worn tile and breathe new life back into them using age old techniques helped with some mechanisation to speed things up.  Each individual tile is assessed and may be redressed, resized and redrilled.  It is then stored in sized stacks to enable orders to be efficiently put together.

We can offer a complete reroofing service, using local experienced roofers or just supply tile.

Where we sell a complete roof we supply a tile schedule for the roofer to work from.

 Whilst we have large stocks of Cotswold tile it is a product in high demand,  working on tile is labour intensive therefore we appreciate as much lead in time as possible

We sell tile by the metre square (as it would be laid on the roof, accomodating laps)

We also stock ridge which is sold by the linear metre 

In addition we stock concrete tiles, Cotswold greys, in complete roof quantities.  We are a sister company to Winchcombe Tile Ltd who manufacture and sell very convincing concrete "stone" tile. We also have smaller quanities for repairs and extentions of bradstone and conservation tile.