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After the freezing cold of the Winter, Spring is finally springing. Evenings are slowly getting lighter and the birds are getting more vocal. In lots of ways life goes on as normal. Thankfully we are able to open and pretty much carry on as we were - excepting signs, sanitiser and masks - oh and we see slightly fewer people in the yard from day to day.

Builders have managed to continue to be busy right through the Winter and most of them have full order books for months ahead. As a customer this can be frustrating but it is worth waiting for a slot. This means that we have continued to be busy. Our sales book shows that lots of people have been re-roofing or landscaping gardens in the past few months. It's a good time to do the hard landscaping of a garden during the Winter months, all the mud and mess quickly disappears and you get to enjoy every last bit of warmer weather in it. The plants also get the benefit of the spring rain to settle themselves in and be slightly less needy if we have a dry spell.

We have also been supplying a large amount of timber to a very special local development. When it is finished I hope to be able to share more information. Happily it has been a great indoor project in the inclement weather.

Stock levels are good. We continued to buy all through the Winter so that we can offer the best selection possible. Materials sometimes come and go quicker than I can get them onto the website. If you are looking for a upcoming project get in touch as early as possible and we can help you look for the perfect batch.

We have the most wonderful customers, who, during the life of a project become regular friends in the yard. The project finishes and things go quiet for a while but then they turn up with new life events. It is always a joy to see a familiar face again. This year, so far, we seem to be welcoming lots of our past friends back.

This is a very micro view of things going on in the yard… what are you talking about or hearing? With the mainstream news full already I am now relying on my network and gut instinct to try to navigate the months ahead…


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