What to take to a reclamation yard and what to leave at home.

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

To make your next visit to a Reclamation yard as productive as possible I am taking the liberty of passing on some observations.

Please bring along….

  • PHOTOS, DIAGRAMS OR PLANS - Anything to help you explain what you want to achieve, this might include diagrams with measurements (metric or imperial – we get used to converting between the two) or plans if they are available. Photographs of the area, room or feature, this really helps us visualize your project and it only need be some snaps on your phone camera.

  • SAMPLES - If you are looking to extend an existing building it would really help if you could bring samples of bricks or tiles that you are willing to leave with us for us to match. Make sure it is fully labeled when you are still at the yard otherwise it may get lost.

  • YOUR BUILDER -Other useful things to remember might include your builder this saves any discussions and disappointments at a later stage regarding the practical aspects of installing, fitting or constructing your purchase.

  • MONEY - Don’t forget your smartphone, cash or card, everything in a yard is unique if you fall in love with something snap it up. Yards tend not to reserve items because people often never come back and a reserve sign puts off other potential buyers.

  • FACE COVERING - just for inside at the moment

This brings me on to what not to bring…

  • HIGH HEELED SHOES - This is a difficult one because we know lots of customers drop in as they are passing but if you are planning to visit may we recommend sturdy shoes and old clothes for obvious reasons. In the interests of full clarification flip flops, sandals and bare feet are also unsuitable even if it is boiling! Seen it all recently!

  • KIDS - If you can, it is best to leave the kids somewhere where they will have more fun. Our kids love visiting the yard and it is perfectly safe to do so but you need eagle eyes to make sure they don’t make a bad decision with where they go and what they do. This is also important at the moment as we sanitise touch points regularly but it is impossible to sanitise everything and we rely on you guys to help keep us safe too.

  • WEIGHTLIFTING INTENTIONS - Get help from staff to move and lift things it’s not that we think you can’t but we know what might also move at the same time, and there are too many forms that need filling in if you get hurt.

  • COUGHS, SNEEZES and DISEASES - if you are feeling unwell please don't drop in and share. We can still help you on the phone, emails, texts, what's app, facebook and instagram dm's we even have a fax machine!

But the best thing you can bring is an open mind. The most creative ideas and solutions come from discussing what your final plan or dream looks like and then working with a yard on how to achieve that with what is available.


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