Using Reclaimed brick inside your Home

  • Benefits

Brick walls or features add character, warmth and texture to a room. The tonal colours are easy for the eye to accommodate and provide an ideal backdrop not only to the expected industrial decor but as a brilliant counterfoil to soft, warm, fuzzy or glamorous furnishings.

Bricks are an ideal way to divide back up open plan spaces, much more sound insulating than stud partitions and weight bearing too. Ideal for fixing up a huge TV, shelving or big art.

The colour and texture of a brick wall lends itself to be a feature in its own right. A washing downlight will make the most of those textures into the dark hours!

  • Maintaining

The best bit is that a brick wall will not show greasy fingerprints, splashes or crayon artworks!

The most it will need is an occasional de-cobwebbing and an annual hoover to lift off any trapped dust. How easy is that!

If you get really fed up with the natural brick colour - paint it!

Stuck for ideas - here is some inspiration courtesy of @ridge_and_furrow, Elle has exposed brick walls throughout her renovated cottage and they look amazing. If you love Elle's aesthetic you are in luck because she is a interior designer. Click the link and see one of my favourite instagram accounts.


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