Spender or Investor?

Updated: May 5

The very first piece of furniture we ever bought was a small Elm console table. It was probably Edwardian and it felt very grown up to be buying furniture in our early twenties. I think we paid £125 which was an awful lot to us back then. Our little console table has stayed with us and probably hasn’t gone up much in value but certainly hasn’t lost any value either. The flat pack furniture bought at the same time has now long gone to landfill.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything we bought at least held its value.

Five projects that will add value to your home

  1. Remodel the Kitchen

You could recoup 60 - 120% of your investment with this one. As simple as giving it a refresh with paint to new doors and worktops or a complete rip out and redo. Watch out as the costs can spiral but a new kitchen in keeping with the proportions and style of the house is an investment winner.

  1. Add a bathroom

Especially if you only have one. Think outside the box for this - utilise space understairs or by rethinking spaces creatively. It can add 5% to the property value.

  1. Maximise your space and make it cozy

Add a room by rethinking garages, sheds, attics. Ensure that the room is as versatile as possible so that it can adapt to your needs or be most attractive to potential buyers. Opening up fireplaces and logburners are still high on wishlists.

  1. Landscape your garden

There is one key word for landscaping projects that add value to a property and that is manageable. People like the easy life, so ensure your garden project results are a private space , that is well lit, has space for dining or sitting and looks super easy to look after. Get this right and you could add a whopping 20% value to your home.

  1. Finish the repairs list

Boring but true, do an audit, make a list and tick them off. Every wonky tile, squeaky gate and bad paint job chips away at the value of your home. Whilst you are about it look for easy ways to improve the energy efficiency as you go. Draught proofing, insulating and modern LED fittings all improve your energy efficiency rating and help save on heating and lighting costs.

Four projects that will be expensive but will not add value

  1. Home Cinema

  2. Swimming Pools

  3. Tennis Courts

  4. Wine Cellars

Honestly now that we are well into lockdown 3.0 a home cinema seems attractive? but then so does a home spa, a bistro/ coffee area and a small shopping arcade. So maybe our needs are changing?


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