Reclaimed Brick Top Tips

So here are my best top tips for using Reclaimed bricks

  • Buying reclaimed clay bricks? - use lime mortar

  • Repointing clay bricks? - rake out all the concrete pointing and replace with lime mortar

  • If your render is blown over clay bricks - use lime render

  • Laying reclaimed clay bricks and it is sucking the wet out of the lime mortar - soak them first, not wet them, soak them.

  • When sourcing bricks for an extension match to colour not size, hide the coursing mis-match in an expansion joint, use a down pipe or a plant to conceal your joint and the extension will disappear.

  • Use wet hessian sheets to cover your days work in the summer to stop the mortar drying out too quickly

  • Don't be too keen and go fast and up - lime mortar needs time to cure, it will be unstable if you go too quickly.

  • Below 5 degrees? Go home, forget it - you can’t use lime mortar unless it is 5 degrees and rising. If you do - it will blow.

  • Caught out by chilly overnight temps? - Use multiple hessian sheets to make a microclimate to protect it from blowing.

  • About to chuck it down? - Use the hessian sheets again. Otherwise the lime will bleed down the face and make a white bloom over your hard work.

  • Looking at a white bloom? - buy a brick cleaner or save your money and mix white vinegar with water (1 part vinegar to 20 parts water) and scrub the bricks, not the pointing!

  • Only buy small batches of lime mortar - it lasts 1 day - Yup what you don't use you discard. Knocking yesterday's back up and using it is a waste of time and money - it will blow. Your lime mortar supplier knows about this and will help you with quant’s.


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