Our Beams

Updated: May 5

Lots of our customers ask lots of questions about our beams. Here are the most common questions and our answers…

Where do we get them from?

We have done a lot of our own demolition, of redundant farm buildings and domestic dwellings. Each of these will generate hundreds of various sizes and lengths of timber.

How old are they?

Some are from the 1900’s some will be from Medieval times.

What timber are they?

We have Oak, Elm, Pine, Douglas fir, Pitch pine and Larch. We can show you the tell-tale signs that distinguish each type.

Will bugs come out of them?

All our timber beams are treated using insecticide and mould inhibitors which preserves the wood and prevents infestation. If you need to cut the timber for any reason, then the new exposed wood will also need treating.

How do we process them?

Each beam is cleaned, and rotten timber removed to sound solid wood. It is then treated as above and left to absorb this treatment overnight. Then we wax our beams with briwax. This is painted liberally on and then polished to a lovely shine. The whole process can take up to three days for each beam.

How do you look after them once they have been installed?

Look at them an appreciate them… really, the rules are don’t let them get wet and give them a dust with a dry cloth, nothing more is required.

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