January Yard Stock Update

What a month! But we have managed to keep new stock coming into the Yard. So here is a brief round up on what is either in the Yard or due in over the next couple of months.


  • Limited stock of Handmade bricks .

  • 21k pressed bricks from Herefordshire.

  • potentially a stock of Cheltenham bricks coming into stock soon

  • Large quantities of various stock bricks for small projects.

  • Our sourcing network is brilliant for bricks so if you need large consistent quantities of bricks get in touch and we can find them for you.


  • 30 ton Walling Cotswold stone in stock

  • As always, large quantities of Quoins in stock


  • · York Cobbles in stock

  • · Blue cobbles in stock


  • · 400m2 premium York flag in stock – access to 100’s more via our network

  • · Blue Lias flag in stock

  • · Internal and External Cotswold stone flag in stock

  • · Portland flag – Six side sawn exceptional quality paving still available suitable for inside and out

  • · Reclaimed Sandstone flag – blue and buff toned hardwearing flag ideal for patio’s and paths

  • Staffordshire blue paving setts - 3500 available - an amazing courtyard?

  • Reclaimed Kota sandstone flags (similar to blue lias in colour but harder wearing so patio suitable)


  • Large stock of reclaimed Oak and Elm Beams of various section sizes

  • 135m2 regulated 7" pine floorboards

  • 150m2 wide boards up to 14" wide Pine

  • 70m2 of 9" boards Pine

  • 100m2 6" resawn boards Pine

  • 100m2+ smaller batches of stock Oak, Elm and Pine floorboards

  • Elm boards, sanded and waxed suitable for shelving


  • Welsh slate always available - if they are not in the yard we can find them for you

  • Cotswold Stone Roofing - always available, dressed, drilled and sized ready for reuse

  • Hand made and machine made clay tiles with fittings


  • Galvanised Troughs - big, medium and small ones available

  • Mill stones for features

  • Staddle stones

  • Tufa - for original rockeries

  • Cotswold stone drain channel - a stunning rill?

  • Stone troughs, planters and much more to discover in the yard

This is a quick top of the head round up - Our Yard is crammed full of wonderful reclaimed building materials and we know where lots more is hiding.

So, as always, if you are looking for something

please get in touch we can usually help.

Tel 01242 609564

Email sales@wr.uk.com


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