Interior Design Trends 2020

Back to work…We have done a few New Year New design trend blogs over the years and they usually follow a similar format. Colours, textures, themes tastefully blended to give a vibe or feel of being somewhere different frankly of where you are currently sitting.

Well this year is feeling VERY different. There are a couple of strong vibes – think 1920’s/1930’s luxury hotel thing, and the whole pink and green Instagram curated look. But the rest of it is less well defined. Which you can decide is brilliant, this gives you the freedom to do your own thing or terrifying – in which case see above.

Firmly in the brilliant camp, if you are planning a redesign – let us hold your hand and show you some of the key elements to inspire you to get started.


This has been a bubbling micro trend for a while, but this will catch on more and more this year. A slight two fingers to faux cheapness of flat pack furniture. You can pick up solid timber, well-constructed pieces for very little from reclamation yards, antique shops, markets, charity shops and home clearance stores. Then keep them as they are, or tinker about with wax, paint, stencils, new handles, new fabrics. Just be careful you don’t paint a Chippendale piece you might not be forgiven.


The opposite to minimalism or Scandi style. Think Old English Country Style – just like your posh great Aunt. So, a bit cluttered, Classic old mahogany and teak furniture waxed to a high shine. Chintz, Damasks, Velvets, flowers, stripes and plains all at the same time in the same room. Nik nac’s, ornaments, collections, portraits, landscapes, big clocks….


So now you are thinking hang on I have just decluttered and Marie Kondo’ed my life. But this is for what is left, these are the things you can’t get rid of because they bring you joy and ok, they don’t have a neutral tonal theme. So what!! They represent you, your life, be loud and proud about them! Finally, the style police can’t raise a plucked eyebrow!


And this is where it is best of all. Show a sense of humour. Interior design Dad jokes. To give you a personal example when choosing paints for our new home I discovered that Farrow and Balls India Yellow was so named after the colour of Mango eating Elephant wee. Not just Elephant wee but mango eating elephant wee! I just had to use it to honour the person who diligently and selflessly colour matched. So of course, I have used it in the downstairs loo and to add to the loveliness of it all I have added an Elephant towel hook. I grin every time I visit.


As I write it is raining, again. One of the wettest winters I have known, and huge chunks of the Amazon forest and Australian bush burn. Whether you are a climate change believer or not it just makes plain good sense not to throw good furniture away and keep using resources to make new.

So, we have a “trend” that will encourage individuality, is based on what makes us happy as individuals, has a humour about it and helps save the planet – nothing wrong there.

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