How did this start?

Some days I wonder how this all started. We are both country kids at heart and knew the only place we would feel comfortable and at home was in an older house in the countryside. The first home we bought was a redbricked terrace, two up two down. It was warm and cosy and we made it our home. We lived off baked beans and had no money left over after the bills to be able to do anything as luxurious as renovate. To be honest we didn’t have a clue how to either.

One Summer hubby decided to go on a long weekend sea fishing trip. Faced with spending my first long weekend alone I plotted. The fireplace was a very dated, it had bright red facing brick going all the way to the ceiling combined with a TV shelf going off to the wall at either side. It took over the slender sitting/dining room and irritated me. So on the Friday evening just after I waved him off I t