How Covid has changed our homes

Twelve months on from lockdown one in the UK, from that surreal moment when Boris told us to go home and we all did. No protests or questions, we started that day as normal and by mid-day our phones had pinged us into submission with breaking news that quietly sent us locking up and heading home with absolutely zero idea of what next.

Whilst some threw themselves into activities (and onto bicycles) others have been slower to make adjustments. We pretty quickly noticed that building works would not and could not stop. A “pull” of customers wanting to place new work, and the “push” of customers demanding that projects be finished meant that our phones and emails were not going to slow down.

So what have people been doing to their homes during lockdown?

The end of open plan

We fairly quickly realised in most families that we get on each other's tits. The great 1970’s onwards love of the open plan was OVER! ( intended to be said like a stroppy teenager in full flow!) Only initially useful for teaching Mum the latest tik tok dance, we then all wanted a bit of private space to do our stuff in. An insultingly large number of men took over “the office” (spare bedroom) so that they could work whilst women got to make some space in the kitchen table/bedroom or even (poor sod’s) in the bathroom! This was a temporary concern for most women because there was no time to actually work, they were too busy baking banana bread with one set of hands whilst homeschooling with the other! Time to divide up the kitchen/dining/living room pdq.

The green invasion

In Lockdown 1 we realised that nature was all around us, and it helped keep us a little bit sane. As soon as was possible we stripped the garden centres of houseplants, some of us got the hang of looking after them, for the rest of us faux created the look. (We can't all cook sourdough perfectly, teach little ones geography and remember to water the ruddy plants !)

Outdoor living

The overspill from being cooped up together meant this was an odds on change likely to happen. To help things along it was lovely weather wasn’t it. So our back gardens have had the holiday money spent on them to create a space to relax, cook and eat in comfort. This was extended long into the Autumn with heaters and firepits. This will happen again this year as soon as spring starts springing. Making your garden very usable is an investment winner so justifies the extra spend on fabulous paving, planters and furniture.

Getting the hang of this now

The initial excitement of the vaccination discovery has worn off with the resigned fact that there is no “normal” on the horizon just the headlights of lockdown part III. For those of us that held off spending money on the house the realisation that a foreign holiday is unlikely to happen this year either so we may as well spend it on the four walls we are stuck in. We are seeing that customers have been busy getting some big projects organised for 2021.

Moving on

If you are going to spend on your home you might as well go big! With kitchen and bathroom upgrades popular investments, some of our customers are planning on a more adventurous scale with home cinemas, swimming pools, party barns and even helipads being built this year!

One year on we have all personally adapted, changed and progressed in some way or another. This year more than most has triggered a resurgence in investing in your home, be it diy projects or a helipad, our homes have been adapting too.


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