Featuring bricks in your Garden?

If you ever need to win a domestic tiff over using bricks in your garden makeover - here are a few brilliant reasons why I prepared for you.

Thank me laters

A design element

Bricks are readily available and will create a seamless inside-outside transition if your house is brick built. Many garden designs go wrong not because of the design but because they introduce too many new materials, colour and textures. Always think in three’s when designing gardens anything more is too much for our eyes and brains to settle on so the space feels too stimulating. One of the elements should be the same material or colour as the house so that the design flows.

Flexible space

Need more height to your boundary - easy and extra few courses of bricks. Want a water feature - easy, create one. Neighbour has an amazing outside kitchen area - easy, add one. Bricks are just lego for grown ups!

Bricks are so easy to add to or take away if you want to extend a space for the family or contract it to feel more secluded and private.


Speaking of which it is perfect to provide security and privacy to the back of your home. No more nosey neighbours with brick walls! It is also harder for criminals to ‘case’ your home for burglaries. A brick shed is so much safer than a wooden one!

Weight bearing

For doors, gates, hanging plants and works of art. A brick wall will easily take the weight.


Bricks with lime mortar will stand the test of time. There are brick walls standing in Britain today that the Romans built 2000 years ago!


Not a lot of people know that bricks absorb the warmth of the sunshine during the day and slowly release it back out in the evening. This creates its own microclimate so you can be braver in your choice of plants and dare to try something a bit more exotic! Or make the most of it as a perfect place for a sundowner cocktail before you make dinner.

Easy to maintain

Bricks need no preservatives or sealers. They won’t need power washing or repainting. They are very easy to maintain. Build them and leave them.

If reasoned argument doesn't work - here are some pictures


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