Design Tips for using reclaimed Paving

What pattern to choose?

  • Regulated / coursed

  • Think straight lines a bit like brick courses, ideal for formal areas.

  • Random

  • A complex pattern of squares and rectangles, softer than coursed but still ideal for formal and working areas

  • Crazy

  • Broken bits, randomly arranged - the iconic Cottage garden informal paving type

  • Mix ‘n match

  • Flags with added cobbles, pebbles, bricks to add interest and drama, ideal for smaller areas or to delineate areas

It’s all about the planting

  • Self seeding - nature does this better than Monty Don, let it go and do it’s own thing

  • Overspill - even the smallest, neatest plant when it's happy will overgrow its allotted space, they will soften hard lines.

  • Add the drama - use planters and pots to add seasonal colour, texture and height when and where you want.

Got the wobbles?

Think backwards - work out where you want to sit and eat, or just sit, then plan to put the least riven and uneven flags there. Otherwise you will need a stack of cork coasters in varying depths to wedge underneath your furniture!


You have invested in a natural material that has lots of texture, now I promise you that they look amazing with lights at a low level. This is the time to be subtle, aim for gentle highlighting not football stadium lights!


Real stone flags look completely different when they are wet, make the most of this and incorporate a water feature. Your wildlife will thank you for it.

And Fire

You have a naturally fire stable product, it's safe to put a fire pit on, or in, or use a chimnea (do people still use them?) Build a pizza oven, fire up a BBQ, stand candles on. Enjoy...


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