Care and Maintenance of Reclaimed Paving

If you are reading this you are either lucky enough to have inherited a reclaimed paved area or you are planning to invest in one. So we thought you would like a few ideas on how to keep it in tip top condition so that it continues to look stunning for a very long time.

First a few things to watch out for

With all reclaimed natural building products we recommend you use lime mortar instead of concrete mortar. As concrete is not porous and very hard it does not allow any natural movement due to wet or dry conditions therefore your flags will crack, it is much easier to replace mortar than flags.

Save your money 1. There is no need to seal reclaimed flagstones installed outside.

Save your money 2. You don’t need cleaning chemicals to smarten them up, in fact they will damage the micro flora and destroy the patina - in short you will devalue them.

Rusting metal will stain flagstones, so be careful where you store buckets, watering cans, furniture, garden tools.

Next, what works best

A soft broom is your friend, sweep away leaves, pooling water puddles and random debris on a regular basis. If you keep on top of this it helps save doing a bigger clean.

Okay none of us are perfect and the sweeping got forgotten in bad weather - how do you bring it back to “new”?

Remember save your money 2! Do not slosh around chemicals just use a bucket of water and a stiff broom and gently scrub the surface clean and hose down after. This will lift off the surface muck without destroying the algae and lichens too much.

This is all you need to do to look after your reclaimed paving.

We love finding large consistent batches of reclaimed flagstones, because we know that you create the most stunning gardens from them. If you want to chat about a project that you are dreaming of, give us a call or pop us an email or drop into our yard to get some inspiration.


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