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Updated: Aug 21

When someone mentions alfresco, we normally interpret it as meaning eating outside. In fact, we are all at the moment being bombarded with tempting marketing encouraging us all to live summer outdoors. But on a Wikipedia search whilst building this blog I came across something that made me smile. In Italian, the expression al fresco usually refers to spending time in jail. I put the link here so you can check!

It made me smile why? Well for lots of us Summer weddings, informal , family gatherings, garden parties are not the things of happy, smiley perfect families that are in the photos. They can be as complex and stressful as Christmas. The heady combination of long drinks, slight dehydration and unresolved issues can create a Summer madness. Add to this, more people in the population are extrovert and are rolling their eyes as they read this. They are saying party! and loving every invitation and like to throw themselves into everything. Everything that introverts squirm to avoid like a wasp nest on an August afternoon.

So, to bring some balance to this blog I thought I would come up with ideas for those loving Summer social occasions and some peaceful inspiration for those of us that identify closer with the Italian definition…


Happily, to enjoy food outside you just need a place to park your bum and rest a plate/bowl. So, a bistro table and chair is perfect for those of us who enjoy a moment to slurp a too hot tea and munch a biscuit or slice of cake before rushing off to do something else. Or for those determined to “make a meal “of it long refectory tables and benches are needed to park multiple bums.


This has built in popularity in recent years with outdoor sofas and coffee tables allowing for an entire afternoon to be spent lounging in the garden. If you are designing a garden at the moment though you could create a space that allows for raised bench areas or fire pit seating this saves faff when it rains/ winter arrives as you just need to move soft furnishings inside. Extra seating for those without joint pains can be easily arranged with bean bags or deck chairs. The more introvert option if you can’t snag all the space on your own could be a swing seat or hammock to while away the hours with an absorbing book and some chill music.


First the extroverts will enjoy some space to circulate and tunes to party away the evening so move the furniture and create as much room as needed. Use raised fixed seating for the bar and for wallflowers to perch. If you are more introvert but wanting to make some use of long summer evenings why not create an outside cinema. If they are watching they can’t talk but you are still spending time together!

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration...and enjoy Summer 2020 however you decide to spend it.

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