7 Steps to a Secret Garden

Following on from my Cottagecore aesthetic blog last week I thought I would help you create a secret garden of your own.

Doesn’t a private, tranquil and beautiful private space feel very appealing right now?

Let’s walk together… here’s the key…

  • One - Let’s enter

Through a door, or a gate? Perhaps the door is better, it conceals what lies beyond. It is old and worn with beautiful ornate straps. Too Disney? Then it should be discrete to remain a secret. But still old and worn with rusting ironmongery.

  • Two - Private

A door on its own would attract attention so the boundary should hold the door in place. A wall would be perfect,what do old walls look like around you. Are they warm red brick? Or stone? Either works, the plants and ivy needs to use their rough surface to gain some purchase and scramble over to help hide your garden.

  • Three - A winding path

Slowly, slowly you want the garden to reveal itself. To unfold in front of you. The path should take you on a journey. It should look like a path less travelled with stepping stones, of plants spilling over, of moss to carpet.

  • Four - Shade

Even the sunlight should work to find the garden with a canopy dappling and moving the light around. In shafts of light motes and fairies dance if you pause to watch.

  • Five - Our destiny

We have found the heart of the secret garden, what will it be? In a paved clearing some seating? A place to light a fire and pass the hours talking and debating with trusted friends?

  • Six - Let there be light

Secrets need to be kept, no floodlighting to scare them away. Lanterns, candles and fairy lights encourage the flow of conversation. Layers of lights, twinkling and flickering like a private room star filled canopy.

  • Seven - Make it your own

The magic you add is your own, a statue? A half buried clock face? Scented plants to fill the air? The fairies and sprites will make their own way there.


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