All About Winchcombe Tile

At Winchcombe Reclamation, we are well recognized suppliers of reclaimed Cotswold stone roof tiles and continue to specialize in the supply of this heritage building material.

However, as owners of traditional Cotswold properties will know, the maintenance and repair of a stone roof can be costly. This, added with the fact that large quantities of quality reclaimed stone tiles not always being abundantly available, has lead to the need for a reliable alternative to natural stone. The Winchcombe tile is just that - a replica concrete tile devised to be as close to authentic stone slates as possible.

Winchcombe Tiles are a diminishing concrete peg tile laid in the same way as traditional stone tiles. Handmade in the heart of the Cotswolds, they are cast using moulds made from natural stone and are designed to weather in the same way by encouraging similar lichen growth.

Although gaining heritage approval for use on listed buildings in many areas local to us, their use is not restricted to the Cotswold area as, with the alteration of colouring, it is possible to copy the appearance of any stone required. The Winchcombe Tile also has great appeal for new build developments as it offers a cost effective, quality assured, traditional roof covering with plenty of character.

These are sold by the Msq and a batten schedule is provided with all orders. Should the Winchcombe Tile be of interest, feel free to call in and take a closer look and collect a sample or simply contact them direct - 01386 881027