All About Timber

Visitors to our Yard at Winchcombe walk into our main showroom to be confronted by 80 or more reclaimed Oak, Elm and Pitch pine beams all waxed, polished and standing upright.  These beams stand between 11 foot and 21 foot high and some are 9 inches by 9 inches cross section.  So they are regularly greeted with a reverent "wow", some visitors even feel the need to touch and place their palms on these cooked honey coloured timbers.  Even I, who see them on a daily basis, occasionally find myself absent minded touching them as i walk past.  These huge timbers that have been cut from two hundred year old or more trees which in turn have since being cut stood an almost equal amount of time as a structural part of a building started growing as Tudor England was in full swing.  Some beams are square or rectangular, others bear the cuts declaring their former use as joist hangers or rafters.  If beams come to us with old or original ironwork like hooks or chains attached we try to keep them together to give you an authentic and original piece.

Round the corner we display 40 or more 3 foot - 10 foot beams ideal for use as lintels and over mantles or sturdy shelves.  We also have a range of spectacular beams suitable for inglenooks, each wonderfully unique.  we only display processed beams however we have generated a stock of hundreds more, as yet, unprocessed beams so if you have a project that requires a specific beam give us the details and we can look for you.  Please bear in mind that each beam takes up to two days to process so we need a good lead in time to sort a large order.

In addition we also stock QP1 Oak timbers, this is new European Oak that is suitable for use as structural timbers.  We are able to age these timbers so that they are a comparable colour to original reclaimed timbers.  Reclaimed beams are sold for decorative purposes, if they are required to carry out a structural role they will have seen and approved by your structural engineer.

All our reclaimed timber on display has had any rotten wood removed and is then treated with a generic wood preservative and treatment that inhibits mould, fungal and insect activity.  This is allowed to soak in and then the beam is sanded.  Some beams are waxed and polished to a deep sheen, others are left as they are in paler more subtle hues.  When we find matching beams we insist they are kept together as once parted they will never be reunited.

We are the same when we reclaim wooden floors.  We try to keep complete floors together as a batch that can then be used again as a complete floor.  We also keep in stock as much reclaimed Oak and Elm as possible to provide a complete service for large projects.  Each room we sell is laid out according to the floor plan to ensure that the complete floor supplied looks fantastic.  Oak and Elm floor boards are processed in exactly the same way as our beams so they need no further work prior to laying.  Pine floorboards are sold de-nailed this is because many floorboards are sold to carry our repairs or will be painted or carpeted or sanded and finished on site, however if you want us to process them further just ask.  We also stock solid European Oak floorboards which we can process so they are similar colour to aged floorboards, these are fantastic quality and provide a cost effective alternative to reclaimed boards, safe in the knowledge that your money has been invested not spent as these boards will be reclaimed by future generations.