All About Natural Stone

As a reclamation yard based in the heart of the Cotswolds, natural stone for us predominantly means our local Cotswold limestone.

This seam of Limestone runs through six counties across the region and displays great colour variation from the whiter Bathstone in the South, through to the richer yellow colouring found in the North Cotswold villages such as Broadway and Stanton.

Reclaimed Cotswold stone is one of our specialities here at Winchcombe Reclamation with us sourcing large quantities of this material for stock, often through our own demolition works. This enables us to ensure consistancy and quality for our customers and, by having such a varied stock, we are often able to offer choices to find the most sympathetic stone match for your project.

Our reclaimed Cotswold building stone is hand sorted, measured and sold by the face Msq. We are able to supply specific course requirements if necessary and can crop the stone down to specific bed depths in line with modern building practices.

We also supply large amounts of reclaimed walling stone - as seen across the Cotswolds, reliably used as field boundaries. This is available in mixed bags or sold by the measured Msq.

As we supply such high volumes of this material, it is advisable to contact us with your requirements at the earliest opportunity as, at busy times, it is neccessary for us to have a substantial lead-in time to fulfill orders.