All About Clay Roofing Products

Are you about to enter the minefield that is roof tiles and fittings for the first time? At WR we stock a wide range of varied roof products but are heavily into our clay products, not only as we feel they are another quality reclaimed item, but as they are also so vital to all our customers up and down the country to keep their most treasured asset; their homes, in the best condition possible.

Aesthetically, roof tile can make a lot of difference to how your property looks and matching them to an original tile is often an essential part of keeping your house 'easy on the eye'. Not just any tile will do the job for any roof; there are variations to consider when choosing the correct tile for your home. Clay tiles come either handmade or machine made and both can be laid to glorious effect - it really depends on what is currently on your roof and how you want your finished roof to look as for which to choose. The simple variation between the two styles is fairly self-explanatory, handmade tiles are crafted by a manufacturers hand and machine made tiles are crafted by a press machine. Both are distinguishable instantly on sight, handmade tiles being slightly variable in in size with a rustic charm about them. They are often seen on houses and buildings of some age with cottage and barns proudly sporting handmade roof tiles. This in itself is a testament to their quality and durability.

Machine made tiles can be seen almost on every type of property. They are measured and accurate in size yet still have great character. The beauty of buying reclaimed machine made tiles is that they have already withstood the test of time and the often harsh British weather on occasion and still retained their quality, gaining a look that will fit in nicely with your home.

At WR we specialise in matching to existing tile and finding the necessary fittings such as tile and half and eaves to finish that particular part of the roof, doing all the leg work in getting the right tile for you and for listed properties we chase every source to meet the planners wishes to save you the often prolonged process of getting your listed home improved and repaired. Just ask about our dedicated tile matching service.

Another huge piece to your roofing jigsaw is is the fittings and choosing these is an essential part of constructing your roof correctly. There are many types for different parts of the roof. Eaves finish the top and bottom of the roof faces and tile and halves run up the sides so that you get the overlapped look and no water can creep into your house through the roof. At the top of the roof you have your ridge which come in half round or angled format and at various pitch degrees and lengths. If you are matching into an existing ridge it is very helpful to have a sample to match this correctly. Similarly to ridge, the other fittings available need to be of the correct angle for the roof in order to fit perfectly. Other fittings are Arris hips, bonnets and valleys. These are seen running up the hip of the roof or down the valley and again come in a variety of pitches and degrees. Simply provide a sample and we will try our best to match these too.

At WR we pride ourselves on our experience of dealing with roofing products and sourcing the right materials for you. With our well established links to local tradesmen and other sources there is almost nothing that we can't get our hands on through our tile matching service and we enjoy the challenge of sourcing these products for our customers.