Here at Winchcombe we don't think of reclamation as being about the past but rather the beginning of a new future for our collection of beautiful natural materials, objects and accessories.

Perhaps because Simon and I have a strong building heritage and have been frustrated, exhausted and exhilerated in equal measure by renovating buildings ourselves, we understand that when it comes to reclamation you'd like somebody who can take away problems and worries rather than add to them.

That's why we take the time to sort, clean, match and prepare materials so that, when you come to use them, they are as easy to handle as new materials but with that unmistakable quality of natural honesty and weathering.

In fact, we enjoy the process of bringing back what some might consider a waste product to something beautiful and useful, almost as much as we enjoy finding the right product for a customer. 

Importantly to us, it's a process that's also kind to the planet. We feel privileged to be able to save these materials and supply our local craftsmen with traditional materials to match their traditional skills and aid them in the creation of fantastic works for our customers.